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An analyst has opportunity to use various types of equipment and, through experience and training, becomes fluent in its application. Over time, as relationships formed with equipment manufacturers, ETS has had the opportunity to pass on this information to prospective clients in the sale and support of the equipment.

OROS, Inc.

Oros, Inc.

ETS is proud to represent Oros instrumentation. Known as a designer of high performance and high channel count analyzers, these products excel in providing vibration and acoustic analysis solutions through an intuitive, Windows-like software environment. In addition to supplying outstanding instrumentation, add in a US operations infrastructure that provides lifetime system support, local representation and application engineering specialists, a factory training facility for standard and customized training packages, network based software upgrades, and above all, an earned reputation for accurate and reliable results. In order to provide complete modal solutions, we are pleased to represent Vibrant Technology’s ME’Scope (

.Acoustic analysisOros, Inc.Acoustic analysis

Oros, Inc.


PdMA Corporation

motor test and data analysis capabilityPdMA offers a highly advanced motor test and data analysis capability for condition monitoring of motors and generators. Complete electrical diagnostics provided by testers designed to monitor and trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound rotor, and DC motors and their circuits. Testing capabilities include: power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor, insulation, and air gap. ETS provides this service in collaboration with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions (

PdMA Corporation


The Modal Shop, Inc.

ETS provides application engineering in support of The Modal Shop products used for continuous process monitoring through vibration analysis. We have had excellent success with this product line in detecting failures in production machinery and detecting process variation (

The Modal Shop


Vibrant Technologies ME’scope

ETS is a user of ME’scope and as such is proud to represent Vibrant Technology: Founded in 1991, Vibrant Technology is a leader in developing tools for post processing vibration and acoustic test data. Vibrant Technology software is used by structural testing and machinery maintenance professionals in a wide variety of industries (

Vibrant Technologies

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