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Operating Deflection Shape video analysis of equipment operation with amplified motion.

Optical Flow ODS (also known as Motion Amplification ODS™) accurately measures structure surface vibration which is translated into the machine’s overall motion.

Failed structure support pilings of a 15-ton vertical ball mill gear box. Displacement ≈ 10 mills

The recording uses a standard high-speed camera typical of that used in machine vision applications.
Chronos High-Speed Camera
Chronos High-Speed Camera

The video is post processed using Vibrant Technology's Me'Scope application. The result is a plot of the time waveform, the FFT of the spectrum of the motion, and a video image that is animated using either the time waveform or the spectrum data.

Industrial Equipment Being Measured And Associated Waveform
Industrial Equipment Being Measured and Associated Waveform

Comparison of a traditional ODS model to an Optical Flow ODS video:

Traditional ODS

Optical Flow ODS

Assessment of Optical Flow ODS

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Optical Flow ODS Products & Services Offered By ETS

Engineering Testing Service Co. offers Optical Flow ODS analysis service as part of its dynamic analysis offering of modal analysis, vibration analysis and stress analysis.

As a sales rep for Me'Scope, ETS is proud to offer this test system capability as well.
The total package from Vibrant consists of: