Industries served


Power gen, paper, refinery, manufacturing, institutional, government, heavy equipment, all who practice the tenets of predictive maintenance.

Engineering Testing Services Expertise


Machine and structural analysis using the tools of vibration, modal, and stress analysis, root cause problem analysis (RCA) and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) all supported by a strong materials background.

Field equipment problem resolution


ETS provides a diagnostic service for in-field equipment and structures as well as design verification analysis prior to release. Whether the issue is that of root cause problem analysis or predictive maintenance, ETS possesses the tools and knowledge to offer solutions based on sound engineering expertise.

Engineering Testing Services Instrumentation


As an equipment rep, ETS has access to the latest hardware and software for advanced vibration and acoustic analysis. This ensures state of the art test capability.


Engineering Testing Services (ETS) is an engineering firm that provides solutions to equipment problems using advanced hardware and software tools. Projects range from small process improvements to resolving highly complex dynamic behavior of large systems. As can be imagined the markets served are very diverse spanning the process industries, manufacturing, and municipal environments. The expertise of the principal engineer servicing these applications is based on an engineering career encompassing machine design, test and measurement, and engineering analysis. For the past twelve years ETS has provided solutions to many well-known fortune 500 companies and institutions and has earned the honor of business by referral.

Specific measurements include vibration, torque, stress/strain, noise, and force. Analysis encompasses modal, ODS, dynamic stress, FEA, and design validation and verification testing.



• Rotor-dynamics analysis and remediation of an AC generator and correlation to FEA model

• Modal analysis and remediation of 2000 HP pump drive train resonance

• Modal analysis and remediation of process grain dryer structural weakness which caused collateral equipment failure

• Seismic and acoustic analysis of manufacturing plant emissions into residential housing

• Modal analysis of a structurally weak base in a 300 HP extruder causing premature component failure

• Stress analysis of failing critical steam fittings on a cardboard production web line

• Modal analysis of 2000 HP absorber recycle pump support structure design

• Vibration analysis of 35 wind turbine drive trains for end of warranty assessment

• Torsional dynamic analysis of an experimental 3000 HP shaft coupling

• Dynamic characterization of high volume razor blade production process identifying machine design changes to improve process capability